It's all about microeducation

Addictive education on mobile devices

Elever is a learning methodology for the new generations.

Its fun and it only takes a few minutes of the day. We make learning a habit that maximizes the benefits for the participants.

A tested flexible system with high engagement metrics ready to use with minimal setup.
A comprehensive set of strategies and procedures we provide to our educators to be active participants in the design and implementation of their system.
Intelligent Evaluation
Our unique system generates large quantities of data that provide educators with constant multi-dimensional analysis of their students.

Targeted interactions

How does it work?

We offer a class companion accessible via mobile device that provides every student with a unique experience. Together we create a fun social environment that encourages participants develop a daily habit.

With the use of specialized algorithms we constantly fine tune the type of content, frequency and activities that each student receives. Adaptive education, spaced repetition and confidence based learning are some of the cornerstones of our pedagogic core.

Educators receive constant feedback on student performance and behavior. An invaluable tool for self evaluation, know with pinpoint accuracy how effective your course material really is.

Brain Science
A group of learning techniques that provide the maximum educational benefits for the time and effort invested. A+ Learning.
Daily Habit
Students that develop a daily habit keep connected to the course material, knowledge decay is minimal and the enthusiasm to learn remains high.

Tailored to your community

Modularity is the key

Every community is different and we provide a customizable platform where educators can decide what fits best. Every module provides options to increase the avenues of interactions with students.

Create a unique identity for your institution, make the system truly yours and let it evolve with your culture.
Friendly competition fosters excellence, adequately applied it can be a source of pride and positive motivation
Our experts will support you in establishing a comprehensive reward system that has longevity, depth and visibility.

And built for your organization

Automated and self sufficient

Minimal setup is required for the basic usage, it runs parallel to any existing infrastructure and we offer many possibilities for integration with the leading LMS in the market.

Everyone gets an app

Students, Teachers, Trainers and Program managers. We provide an experience for every role directly on the mobile device. We strive to make your life easier and give you more time for the important stuff.

Mobile app for the main interactions of the system, compatible with most devices and tablets with a backup access on web.
Mobile app where educators have an overview of the performance of every group and every student, waste no time and get the critical information.
Browser based app where course management takes place, easy to use and configure with minimal instructions.

We are friendly and we love what we do

How can we help?

Drop us a line and find out what we can do for you, Elever is a solution for anyone with a passion for education in a corporate setting or academia.

Our team will be happy to analyze your specific needs and help you build a first approach.

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